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The best cookie gifts guide – We help you choose!

Who doesn’t like cookies? Cookie gifts are not only great to eat but also great to give. There are many occasions to give cookie gifts. We will take you on a true cookie gift journey, so you know what to give when!

Table of contents

  1. What are cookie gifts?
  2. Cookie gift occasions
  3. When to give cookie gifts?
  4. How to choose the right cookie gift?
  5. How many cookies should you gift?
  6. Types of cookie gifts
  7. Are cookies a good gift?
  8. Cookie gift basket
  9. Cookie gifts individually wrapped
  10. Cookie gift delivery
  11. Cookie gift by mail
  12. Buy cookie gifts online
  13. Cookie gifts near me
  14. 5 fun facts about cookies

Cookies gifts are cookies you give on a special occasion. Cookies are just as fun to gift as they are to eat. This is exactly why you should stop giving common gifts like bottles of wine or pens. We all know them! Cookie gifts are less common and therefore even better to gift. In short, every cookie can be used as a cookie gift. But there are also cookies that are more suitable to give than others.

Chocolate cookies for example, they taste delicious, but are not the best choice during the summer…due the heat the chocolate will melt and leaves a mess. This is one of many examples. But no worry we will take you through everything you need to know about cookies gifts so you can make the best possible choice.

First of all, there are some big advantages of cookies gifts. Let’s summarize the most important ones:

  • Cookie gifts are portable (and not particularly fragile)
  • It is possible to send cookie gifts by mail
  • Cookies are easy to save for a longer period of time
  • There is always a right moment for cookie gifts

This list shows some key advantages you have when choosing for cookie gifts. Are you still doubting cookie gifts are great to give? We don’t, they are versatile, great tasting, available in different size and flavors, a single word will describe cookie gifts as ‘’awesome’’.

Mini Stroopwafel in a bowl. Ideal to share with friends as a cookie gift. Pouring tea into a cup with a stroopwafel as a tea cookie.

There is always an occasion to give cookies gifts! Because the cookie gifts will make the occasions special. Are you not sure when to give cookie gifts? You can give cookies as a gesture to your business partner or as a birthday present. The occasions are endless. But to give you some guidance we made a list of occasions that you can use to give cookies to the person you love or like.

In the following topics we give an in-depth overview of some occasions that are great for cookie gifts. It’s sure there are many occasions to give cookie gifts. We find the most important thing that you actually give them.

Birthday gifts

Everybody likes birthdays, especially the person who is celebrating the birthday. This person will be overwhelmed by lots of gifts from friends, family, and others. This is also a great occasion to surprise the crowd with cookie gifts! But be aware and keep your eyes on your cookie gifts, because before you know they get eaten.

You can’t make it to the birthday party? No worry, you can send some cookies over that get delivered on the birthday persons doorstep. There is no reason not to give cookies on a birthday party even when you aren’t there. Daelmans Stroopwafels has a product that’s really well suited for this kind of situations. This is a gifting tin that contains 27 mini Stroopwafels.

Due to the size of the packaging, you can send the gifting tin with the mail, so the cookie gifts get delivered everywhere you want.

Birthday cookie gift box Stroopwafels on a little plate that can be used as cookie gifts.

If you go in person and you want to give cookies, you can choose for Stroopwafels in a birthday tin. You can use wrapping paper to make it more like a present, but even without the wrapping paper the tin just looks great!

Thank you gifts

You want to thank someone, but you don’t know how? We might have the solutions for you. Cookie gifts are not only great to give but even better to eat. We think saying thank you is one of the best things a person can do. It shows appreciation – something you can’t do too often.

Thank you cookie gifts tin with Stroopwafels.Giving cookie gifts makes everybody smile.

You can just give some cookies. But when you would like to make a longer lasting impact, we suggest giving Stroopwafels in a tin. The tins contain 8 Stroopwafels and can be easily refilled with new Stroopwafels. A great advantage of giving tins as cookie gifts is that the cookies will be eaten, and the tin will last. This will ensure a long-lasting impact on the person who received the tin as a thank you gesture.

Who do you give cookie thank you gifts?

Of course, there are many people you can give a cookie thank you gift. But in short you would give a thank you cookie gift to a person who impacted your life for the better. This can be for many reasons, just because they were kind, they gave you a gift, gave support in tough times or any other reason. It doesn’t really matter what they did, only what you give them back for the great thing they did for you matters! A great gift comes from the heart – that’s the utmost important part.

Cookie thank you gifts are maybe not the gift you thing of first. This is because there are so many options out there. but we bed this is by far the most tasty gift! Thank you cookie gifts can be used for all kinds of occasions. The biggest advantage of cookie gifts as a ”thank you” is that the receiver not only gets a present but also can enjoy the cookies (most of the time inside the present) for a longer time. This ensures that the cookie thank you gift has a longer lasting value. One of the worst things you can give is a  a card with the text ”thank you”. This is a really common gesture and will more often than not end up in the garbage.

Cookie thank you gifts are available in many options will come in a lovely packaging. When you would like to bring the cookie gifts to a next level you even have the opportunity to design a personalized tin. So, forget the common ”thank you” cards and make an impact with cookies or a personalized tin as a gift. Never forget: ”No duty is more urgent than giving thanks” – James Allen.

Corporate gifts 

There are some rules you need to follow when giving corporate gifts. Corporate gifts sometimes seem like all they do is push a brand, as goal to earn sales. A better reason to send or give cookie gifts in a corporate environment is to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the receiver. There are a couple of rules you need to keep in mind when selecting the right corporate gifts, see following: 

Cookie gifts can be greatcorporate gifts like this basket full of delicious Stroopwafels. A Stroopwafel as a cookie gift is great to enjoy.

It’s the thought that counts 

The most important part when sending cookie gifts is the reason why you send those gifts in the first place. This can be a national holiday or something the company achieved. Always make sure that the receiver knows the reason as well. When a clear reason is missing it seems just like a branding campaign. That’s the last thing you want! 

Keep it professional  

Another important part of giving corporate gifts – keep it professional! Far too often people use simply the wrong gift for the situation. Keep in mind the cookie gift is for another company and not your friends. So, choose Wiseley.  

Give gifts to the right person 

When you would like to give cookie gifts, do it thoughtful. We already mentioned that it doesn’t need to look like a branding campaign. Therefore, it’s better to make contact with the company or even better a specific person beforehand. This will make sure the cookie gift doesn’t look completely random and highly increases the relationship between the brand and the receiver of the gift.  

Besides using corporate gifts to gain new customers they are also great for existing customers. There is a big chance that some of your customers are with you from the beginning, what’s better than giving something back for all those years they have been a loyal customer? Sometimes business focus to much on gaining new customers that they forget those long-time customers that are the foundation for the brand that’s build to this day. 

 Business gifts

A lot of people think within the ‘’business industry’’ the gift has to be expensive or luxurious. But this thought can’t be further from the truth. A gift in general is all about the gesture and not specific about the gift itself. This is important but easily forgotten. Cookie gifts may not be expensive or luxurious, but they will taste like heaven, that’s for sure.

Dutch cookies for example are a great gift when your company operates international. What is better than giving some real Dutch cookies as a gift to your business partner abroad. When you decide to give cookies as a business gift, we recommend designing your very own Stroopwafel tin. This tin can be personalized with your company logo and slogan. You even have the possibility to put pictures and text on the tin. The process is very easy, and the result is mind blowing.

Drinking a cup of thee with a Stroopwafel is a great way to enjoy the day. Having a break at the office with coffee and a Stroopwafel.

A personalized business gift will make you stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what you want! Besides this the receiver will not forget your company easily, every time someone grabs a cookie out the tin, they will see the company logo. This is way tins are also great for marketing, for example for fairs. This shows once again that cookie gifts are very versatile to use.

Client gifts

Cookie gifts are a great gift to give to your clients or potential clients. Nothing beats a tasty snack; this also applies when you want to thank your clients. Cookies are a wonderful way to do so. Cookies can be easily sent to clients all over the world.

Every country or even region has their own tradition of giving gifts to clients. It’s also very important to know the unwritten rules about gifting. We have summarized 4 rules you should definitely keep in mind:

  1. Don’t make client gifts look like a PR campaign.
  2. Make sure you have a reason to send a gift
  3. Personalize the gift as much as possible
  4. Add value with the gift

A typical Dutch tradtion to make a Stroopwafel even more tasty is by warming the Stroopwafel up on a cup. This will let the caramel melt slightly and makes the caramel gooey…just delicious!

Cookie gifts for employees

You want to show gratitude to your employees? Why don’t give them cookie gifts? Cookie gifts are available in great looking packaging, but they taste even better. We all have had moments during a birthday party that you received gifts that you didn’t particularity liked. We are sure cookies gifts are not one of those. By giving your employees cookie gifts you will bring up the morale within the company (even when that’s already high).

Often employees are quickly forgotten, but yet they are one of the most important assets of a company. Have you ever been to a store where didn’t like the sales staff? We all have. This shows how important your (or the right) staff is. So, it’s important that you show that you appreciate all the work and effort the employees put in the business to keep it up and running.

When thinking about cookie gifts for employees you’re probably get lost in all the option out there. But no worries we will tell you that one and only cookie that will taste like heaven. This cookie is a called a ‘’Stroopwafel’’. This is a typical Dutch cookie that consists of wafers and caramel. This is a great cookie gift for your employees and maybe even a twist of flavors they have never tasted before.

Everyday occasions

The last occasion may or may not surprise you. Cookie gifts can be given at any time. Yes, there are some occasions like ‘’birthdays’’ and ‘’thank you’’ moments that are obvious gifting opportunities. But like mentioned before you can give cookies or cookie gifts to everybody you want; on every occasion you want. This makes cookie gifts great all-round gifts.

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of cookies out there. This makes it hard to choose the right cookie as a gift. Even though there are many cookies out there, not all cookies will be suitable as cookie gift. Honestly, it’s extremely hard to say what the right cookie gift is. Every person has its own preferences regarding cookies – which is a good thing.

When choosing a cookie gift for somebody else we challenge you to sort the following things out:

  • What taste (of cookie) does the person likes?
  • What Structure of cookie does the person likes (hard, soft, or in between)?
  • Does the person like chocolate or not?

*We speak about ‘’person’’ as the receiver of the gift.

These questions look easy to answer, but that’s only when you know the receiver of the gift really well. When it’s hard to give answers to the questions above we recommend getting in touch with a person close to the receiver of the cookie gift. There is nothing more awkward than giving chocolate cookies to a person who absolutely hates chocolate. This can easily be prevented by doing a little research.

We could summarize an endless list of cookies that would be possible cookie gifts. Daelmans Stroopwafels thinks there is only one cookie that is the perfect cookie gift and that’s the Stroopwafel. This cookie consists of two crispy wafers with a delicious soft butter syrup filling enriched with natural Bourbon in between. Doesn’t that sound amazing to you?

How many cookies should you gift?

You should give at least 8 cookies in a cookie gift. A normal person wouldn’t eat more than 3 cookies a day which means the receiveStroopwafel with coffeer of the cookie gift can enjoy the cookies for a longer period of time. When you would like to use cookie gifts for a party, we recommend the following rules of thumb:

Party size Number of guests Number of cookies
Little party 5 to 10 15-30 cookies
Medium party 10 to 15 30 – 45
Big party 20 – 50 75 – 150

When you go for an even bigger party where you would like to arrange cookie gifts for, we recommend taking a close look at the people you invited. There is a change not everybody eats cookies. Obvious how more guest you invite, how more likely it is that not everyone eats cookies. It should be a shame when some of the delicious cookies you ordered for the party don’t get eaten, don’t you think?

Earlier we talked about the large number of cookies that are available. But when we look at the types of cookies gifts this number declines rapidly. Because when we talk about gifts instead of cookies, we generally mean a nice packaging (gift packaging) as well.

When we take a look at Daelmans Stroopwafels for example they have multiple options when it comes to cookie gifts. The main options that are available and often used as cookie gifts are:

Cookies in gift packaging

When searching for cookie gifts you have the option to package them yourself. A much easier option would be to choose for cookie gifts that already have a great packaging themselves. For Example, the Daelmans Stroopwafels in Cube box or Hexa Box. These boxes look luxuries and therefore don’t need any wrapping paper or additional packaging – that saves some work.

This type of cookie gift box is ideal to give in person but can also be send around the world. There is no reason not to give cookie gifts to persons you love!

Daelmans caramel Stroopwafels Hexa box Daelmans Honey Stroopwafels

Cookies in tins

When you want to give long lasting and sustainable cookie gifts, then you should definitely take a look at cookies in tins. We all know cookie jars that get refilled over and over again. That’s exactly the strength of cookie tins.

Besides the ability to refill the cookie tins. The receiver will be reminded at the person who gave the gift for a longer period of time. Instead of a common gift like a bottle of wine or a candy bar that’s consumed within a few days. Of course, gifts like mentioned before taste well, but you can’t deny Stroopwafels in a tin are simply more special and therefore a great cookie gift.

Personalized gifting   

Cookie gifts are just a great gift, but when you would like to bring gifting to the next level, then personalized gifting is the way to go. At Daelmans Stroopwafels It’s possible to personalize cookie tins for Stroopwafels.

When you personalize a tin, you show the receiver you put some real effort in the design. The biggest advantage of personalizing a tin is the possibility to put text and pictures of your linking on the tin. This is why you can use personalized tins for personal and business use. You can for example use personalized tins for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

A fantastic way to design a stunning tin would be by using pictures of great moments you shared with your father or mother. This way you will get a personalized cookie gift like the receiver never had before, guaranteed!

When we look at personalized gifting from a business perspective than you can use them as a client gift. You can put your company’s name and logo on the tin. This will ensure that the receiver (the client) will remember the company they got the tin from. This makes personalized tins a great marketing tool.

Are cookies a good gift?

Everyone loves cookies! We doubt you know a single person who doesn’t. Cookies in general are a great snack and can even be used in many recipes. Besides cookies are available in varied sizes and tastes so their always will be a cookie that fits your needs. Cookies are a perfect gift for everyone, so there is no need to search any further for the perfect cookie gift. We summarized five reasons why cookies are a good gift.

5 reasons why cookies are good gifts

When you still doubt whether or whether not cookies are a good gift. These five reasons will convince you why cookie gifts are good.

1. There are many varieties of cookies

The big advantages of cookies are the wide variety. This means that there always will be a good cookie out there for you. When you love chocolate for example, Daelmans has Chocolate Stroopwafels that taste absolutely delicious. Are you more a coffee lover? Then there are even Coffee Stroopwafels? Like you see the choice is endless even when we just look at Stroopwafel cookies.

2. Cookie make you feel good

A lot of people find joy in good tasting food. That’s not different when eating cookies. For some eating cookies will reminded of ‘’the good old times’’ when they were young. For example, when you were sitting around the kitchen table and dipping cookies in a glass of milk. In short cookies will bring up memories of the past – but give you the same feeling nowadays. This is another reason why cookie gifts are great, who doesn’t like the good old time?

3. They are available in a wide range of sizes and prices

Whether you like a specific taste or you want to stick to a budget, you will have numerous of cookies that will be an excellent choice. You have small cookies (like mini Stroopwafels) or big cookies (like Jumbo Stroopwafels). Those cookies are also available in different tastes like Caramel, Chocolate, Maple, Honey, and coffee. The wide range give you many options from little parties to business gifts, cookies will be a great option and taste delicious.

4. They are portable

One of the biggest advantages of cookies is that they are portable. You can take them to a party, send them in the mail and they are easy to save when you don’t eat all the cookies at once. Especially the last is that what makes cookies a good gift. You can save them longer but also the receiver of the cookie gift can.

5. Their design will make you smile

Cookies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. People and also manufacturers get more creative every day with the design of cookies. There are cookies for sport fans, cookies with company logos and even cookies that look like other food items. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or where you or the receiver are interested in, there will be a good cookie gift out there!

Are you creative? Then a cookie gift basket is the perfect way to create a unique cookie gift basket. Because who can resist a basket full of delicious cookies? Gift baskets are well known but not often used with cookies. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible in the contrary cookies are a great food item for this. Cookies likes Stroopwafels are great for a cookie gift basket because they don’t spoil easily.

You can buy ready-made gift baskets but making them you own isn’t hard and makes it that more special. You can make your own cookie gift basket in 3 simple steps:

  • Wrap the basket
  • Assemble the basket
  • Seal the basket

Daelmans Stroopwafels picnic basket Tea cookie in a cookie gift basket.

You need approximately 3 packages of Stroopwafels to be able to create a diverse cookie gift basket.

You need a lot of individually wrapped cookies? Then Daelmans Stroopwafels has the right cookie boxes with wrapped cookies for you. They have different flavors like caramel, chocolate and honey. Individually wrapped cookies are great when you need a large number of cookies to use as cookie gifts.

So, there is no need to package cookies yourself to create cookie gifts, not anymore! The cookies from Daelmans are wrapped with a nice packing so they look even nice when you hand them out. The individually wrapped cookies are used in a variety of industries. For example, at restaurants when they serve coffee with a cookie. But also, to sell in local stores or to package in gift boxes.

It’s also possible to buy individually wrapped cookies in bulk. For example, a box of 24 Jumbo Stroopwafels or an even bigger box that contains 200 caramel Stroopwafels. This way you never run out of authentic Dutch cookies. The big advantages of individually wrapped cookies are that they are portable, easy to share and stay fresh longer. You don’t need more than that from a cookie gift!

What is easier than order cookies online and get them delivered on your doorstep? These days ordering cookies is really simple. The Stroopwafel, a real Dutch cookie, gets shipped all over the world. So also, to the USA or every other country you like to get to know the real Dutch Stroopwafels.

We are aware of the fact that there are many other cookies out there. But when you narrow these cookies down to cookies that originated from specific countries the list gets shorter and shorter. Cookies gifts need to be as special as possible, also when you order them online or get them delivered at a friend, colleague, or person you love. This is why the Stroopwafel is a great example of a good cookie gift.

It’s really easy to get a Stroopwafel cookie to be delivered. In the following paragraph we take you through the process step-by-step.

There are a lot of cookies but not every cookie is suitable to send by mail. Daelmans Stroopwafels has developed a cookie gift tin in A4 format that contains 27 mini Stroopwafel cookies. This means there is no need to search for any other cookie gift that can be send by mail. The cookie gift tin is the perfect size that will fit in everyone’s mailbox.

Cookie gift tin is ideal to send with mail. Coffee with a cookie is the best way to enjoy your coffee break.

Sending cookie gifts by mail is a very easy way to give a present, even when you’re not there. On the Daelmans Stroopwafels webshop it’s even possible to send the cookies to a specific address and even abroad. How easy can it be, right? This way you can surprise anyone, everywhere with a cookie gift by mail.

Buy your cookie gifts online is easier than ever before. On the Daelmans Stroopwafels webshop you can order all the cookie gifts with Stroopwafels you want. There are different packaging options and of course varied sizes and flavors of the cookies. Back in the day you needed to visit a local store or even go to the market to get Stroopwafels. Today everything is much easier, you just visit the webshop and order cookie gifts online that are baked in the Netherlands. This ensures that the cookies are of the best possible quality when they arrive on your doorstep. Easy right?

Buy cookie gifts online in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Navigate the menu in search of your cookie gifts
Step 3: Pick the one(s) you like and add them to your cart
Step 4: fill in the payment’s options and delivery address
Step 5: Get your cookies delivered on your doorstep

In 5 simple steps you have a great cookie gift or even multiple cookie gifts delivered at your doorstep. It’s also possible to order cookie gifts online and get them delivered anywhere you want. for example that longtime friend that has moved to another country, or that business partner 1000 miles away. There is no reason not to surprise them with an authentic Dutch cookie gift.

If you don’t like to shop online for cookie gifts than it’s always an option to visit a store who sells cookie gifts near you. When you search for Stroopwafel cookies like we mentioned before we have a whole list of stores you can choose from.

All the stores mentioned in the list will sell Stroopwafel cookies near you. When you would like to make sure the cookie gift you are looking for is available, we recommend giving a call to the local store you’re about to visit. The easier way will be to enjoy the full Stroopwafel experience on our website. We also included more information about Stroopwafels and even recipes with Stroopwafels.

Whatever option you choose, online or search for cookie gifts near you, make sure you try Stroopwafels as a cookie gift, they won’t let you, or the receiver of the cookies down.

5 fun facts about cookies

These 5-fun fact about cookies show that cookies are loved in the USA. They get eaten by many people and that’s not without a reason. Cookies are simply delicious, we eat them all the time!

  1. American people consume 2 billion cookies a year – around 300 cookies for each
  2. The average American eats 350.000 cookies in a lifetime
  3. 95 precent of the American households eat cookies
  4. Baking burns around 250 calories an hour
  5. Girl scouts sell 200 million cookie boxes a year

Stroopwafels cookie gifts with caramel.Stroopwafels covered in caramel saus are an delicious cookie gift.

When you wait for your cookie to be delivered why not try one of our recipes? when you have finish the recipe, why not share it with us! Share your creation on Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #daelmansStroopwafels and tag us! Also do not forget to enjoy your Daelmans Stroopwafels. Maybe you even have your own recipe that you tried out and want to share with us too! We would also love to know what you think about us or our Stroopwafels, so why not leave a review?

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