The best on the go snack

Are you looking for an on the go snack? And do you not know what to pack? Or do your children want something sweet to take with them? Then we may have some tips for you.

On the go snack

Snacking on the go is done by almost everyone on the entire planet. But what makes a good on the go snack? We might have some tips for you. Just follow them and figure out which snack is the best on the go snack for you.

On the go snacks need to be small but tastefullGetting on the go snacks from a local store

Go for small

Bringing food on the go is always a pain. You might want to bring some food with you. But it just takes up too much space in you backpack. So choosing for a smaller food item for an on the go snack will not only make it easier to store, but also weighs less.

Don’t take fragile foods

Fragile foods are not a great idea when it comes to on the go snacks. When you sit down for your snack and it’s all crushed up, it will make your appetite go away very fast. Besides fragile food when crushed will often make a mess. This is something you definitely don’t want in your backpack.

Choose non-perishable food

Non-perishable food has a long shelf life and can be kept long without being refrigerated. This is perfect for an on the go snack, as it doesn’t go bad quick. So if you don’t finish them on your trip, you can just store them for the next time.


Finding the right snack might be tough, but if you follow the tips we mentioned you will eventually find something that suits your needs. Do you not know where to start looking? Here are some of our favorite on the go snacks.

Nuts or trail mix

Nuts and trail mix are a great on the go snack for everyone. It is easy to store and it can be kept for a good amount of time. Trail mix consists of granola, dried fruits and nuts. But to add some sweetness you can also add a variety of candy. This is way trail mix is loved by many people across the world.

Nuts are a great ont he go snackAssorted nuts to take with you as a on the go snack

Protein bars/shakes

Protein bars and shakes are common in the gym, but also great as an on the go snack. These ”snacks” provide all kinds of proteins. The only thing you need to think about is if you like a bite that you get with the bars, or a protein drink. Whatever option you choose, both are great on the go snacks.


You might not think about cookies as a good on the go food, but that is because there are not many good on the go cookies. But there is a cookie that is all the way from the other side of the ocean that might be a great on the go snack. That cookie is called a Stroopwafel. This is a cookie that consists of two wafers with a caramel syrup fulling in between. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Tea cookie


You might have heard of them from a Dutch person, or you might have found them yourself when browsing the internet. It doesn’t matter how you found them, because we are happy you did! This Dutch snack has been around since the late 1800s and has not been forgotten since. Every store has them available and there are many ways you can eat them. A big advantages of the Stroopwafel is that it has a long shelflife and does not need any refrigeration. This makes it a great on the go snack for every adventure, small or big.

Are they available?

So are these Dutch Stroopwafels available in the United States? Yes they are! Just go to our online shop, or search “Daelmans stroopwafels” on amazon and order them directly to your doorstep. And if you think you don’t like the original syrup Stroopwafel, we have many more flavors so that everyone has a Stroopwafel they will like. Some of our flavors include: Honey Stroopwafels, Chocolate Stroopwafels, Maple Syrup or Coffee Stroopwafels the last two flavors are only available in the United States! So, there is no reason not to have a Stroopwafel as a on the go snack!

Cooking away

When you wait for your cookie to be delivered , why not try one of our recipes? when you have finished the recipe, why not share it with us! Share your creation on Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #daelmansStroopwafels and tag us! Also do not forget to enjoy your Daelmans Stroopwafels. Maybe you even have your own recipe that you tried out and want to share with us too! We would also love to know what you think about us or our Stroopwafels, so why not leave a review?

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