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Stroopwafel treats

With our mini Stroopwafels you can not only decorate cakes and cupcakes very nice, but also make nice treats! Like these stroopwafel and marshmallow skewers. Fun to put on the table during a (children’s) party or as a treat.


  • 12 mini stroopwafels
  • Tube of icing
  • 6 marshmallows
  • about 1.8 ounces fondant icing or marzipan in any colour you like
  • Little flags on sticks
  • Piping bag
  • Cookie cutter
  • Portions: 6
  • Keywords: Stroopwafel treats


  1. Put a little icing from the tube on a stroopwafel and stick a marshmallow to it. Stick another mini stroopwafel on top.
  2. Use fondant icing or marzipan to make the coloured circle for the top. Both work well so which you use is a matter of taste. You can use ready-made coloured products or colour them yourself. Different food colourings are available from various shops including those specialising in bakery supplies. Roll out the marzipan or fondant icing on a board or clean worktop. Sprinkle the board or worktop with icing sugar first so that it doesn’t stick.
  3. Press out the circles using cookie cutters and place them on top of the treat. You could also use a nice flower-shaped cutter or any other shapes available from shops including those specialising in baking supplies.
  4. Stick a little flag on top.

Times and expectations

Preparation time15
Cooking time0
Total time15
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