how to choose the best road trip food

Are you going on a long road trip through the United States? And are you looking for the best road trip food to bring with you? Here are some tips to find the perfect food for your road trip. So follow these steps and you will not only enjoy the amazing views, but also enjoy the food you brought with you!

Basic road trip food tips

If you go hiking or climbing, you should follow these tips to make sure you pack the best food available.

Bringen the right road trip food when you go hiking is an important part.Climbing is an intens sport that requires good road trip food.

1. Only bring non-perishable food

Bringing non-perishable foods means that you don’t need to refrigerate the food to keep them from spoiling. This is the perfect alternative for fresh road trip food you can’t bring with you on your trip.

2. Keep the packaging small

Bringing only necessary items it the way to go for your road trip. Having a lighter backpack means less weight to be carried. So try to keep your non-perishable road trip food in an as small as possible container.

3. Do not bring delicate food

Road trip food that will be crushed in your backpack is better left at home. Eating crushed foods will only crush your morale too. So try to bring sturdy snacks and foods.

4. Fun times

Last but not least, the best tip you can follow is; have fun! That is the most important rule to follow. Now that you have an idea about what to bring as road trip food and what NOT to bring as road trip food, you will need some food tips that follow these basic rules. So here are some of our favorite choices.

Having fun during a road trip is the most important partGood road trip food is important to have a great road trip overall.

Food is an important part of the road tirp

A good portion of the trip is walking along the vast mountain tops of the deep valleys. But what do you do when you need to set up camp at night? There is no uber eats that can bring you your food in the wilderness, so you will have to pack your own meals. Here are our tips for good road trip food:

Wraps and/or burritos

Wraps and burritos are a great way to eat all the necessary nutrients you want to eat, and everyone can choose what they want inside their wrap or burrito beforehand. This way everyone has something they know they will eat. They are also easily stored and do not take up too much space which makes them great road trip food.


All of the advantages that wraps and burritos have are also the case for sandwiches. Easy to store, everyone can choose what they want on their sandwich and it has a lot of good nutrients.

These food items are easy to take with you and provide a good food source for your road trip.

Snacks for a road trip

The most important part of your road trip food arsenal are the snacks. They can boost your morale to go those few steps extra to the top of the mountain. Not having good snacks makes your journey to the top of the mountain a literal uphill battle. So what are our favorite snacks to bring? Here are some tips:

1. Nuts and/or Seeds

Nuts and seeds are great non-perishable road trip foods to bring on your trip. They take up a small space in your backpack, they have a lot of good nutrients in them and they can be kept for a long time!

Nuts are a great ont he go snackAssorted nuts to take with you as a on the go snack

2. Beef jerky

If you saw this title and thought of beef jerky, you are absolutely right. It is not up there with the most healthy snacks you can bring, but just walk a few extra steps to burn those calories again and you are good to go! Jerky also comes in many flavors, so you can also switch up the flavors each trip so it doesn’t get boring.

3. Granola and protein bars

A go-to food for many backpackers are the granola and protein bars. They have a long shelf life and are full of nutrients. And they are compact and can be stored anywhere in your backpack.

4. Dutch Stroopwafels

Never heard of Stroopwafels? That’s okay! This snack is a cookie made with 2 wafers with syrup in the middle. They are also sturdy and have a good shelf life. This makes these cookies by far good road trip food to take with you on a journey. But the burning question, are these cookies available in the United States? Yes, they are!

Who is Daelmans?

We at Daelmans sell our Stroopwafels around the entire world. And when you sell to the whole world, the United States surely can’t be left out! That is why we also have a depot in the United States to make sure you will receive your cookies within eight business days. This way you can plan your trip and receive your road trip food snacks in an instant. So order your cookies on our online store, or look for “Daelmans Stroopwafels” on amazon.

Food makes the difference

As told before, a snack can determine how good you feel during the trip. And we at Daelmans know that not everyone will like our standard syrup Stroopwafels. That is why we have some more flavors that you can choose from so that everyone has as least one flavor Stroopwafel that they will like. We even have some flavors that are exclusive made for the United States. Our flavors range from standard syrup Stroopwafels to the maple syrup Stroopwafels exclusive available in the United States. So take a look on or online store, choose your favorite flavor and bring our Stroopwafels as your go to road trip food.

Climbing or hiking?

Are you climbing a mountain or hiking? We would love to see where our Stroopwafels ended up! Take a picture of our Stroopwafel during your road trip, post it on your social media, tag Daelmans Stroopwafels and use the hashtag #DaelmansStroopwafels. If you want other people to know about your Stroopwafel as road trip food, you can also write a review to let other people know about your experience with our Stroopwafels. We look forward to seeing your post or review!

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