Top 10 good road trip snacks – Best snacks for road trips

If you are going on a long trip away in the mountains, or maybe you are just simply going on a road trip through the country with your car or camper. We will try to help you plan your trip by giving you tips to bring good road trip snacks.

Road trip

When going on a road trip, you are going to want to pack enough snacks to fill everyone’s needs. But you should watch out. The best thing about a road trip is doing different things, so you need to have enough energy to do this. Sitting in one spot for a couple of hours in your car will drain your energy quick. So here are some tips for snacks that will keep you going the entire road trip.

  1. It is easy to pack snacks like chocolate bars or other unhealthy snacks, but this will only drain your energy quicker. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack these items, but you shouldn’t get tempted to eat only unhealthy snacks. Eating some unhealthy snacks isn’t a big deal, but be aware of what you eat.
  2. Pack items that don’t expire quick. Taking items that expire quickly without being refrigerated will make you eat these at the start of the journey, when your energy is high, and your hunger is low.
  3. Say no to the gas station food. As tempting as it is to grab some of the candies along the road, pack your own snacks that you know you will like, and you will avoid taking the gas station food because you know what snack is waiting for you in the car.

10 good road trip snacksEverything you need to know to pack good road trip snacks

Our top 10 road trip snacks?

So, you want to follow these rules, but you do not have an idea about what to pack for your road trip? We will give you some good road trip snacks recommendations so that you can start packing up for your awesome road trip.

1. Beef Jerky

I know what you are thinking, Beef jerky is far from a healthy snack. But that is not true, there are some companies that make organic Beef jerky. And there are many flavors to choose from too!

Beef jerky is a tasty snack with a long shelflife which makes it a good road trip snackBeef jerky is a good road trip snack with a great taste

2. Trail mix

A snack that’s loved by children and adults is the trail mix. This mix generally consists of granola, dried fruits and nuts. To add a little twist it’s possible to add candy. You can for example add: M&M’s. mini marshmallows, pretzels and more. Be aware that those tasty candys make the mix a bit unhealthy, but the taste is awesome!

Trail mix is a good road trip snack that is loved by kids and adultsAn example of good road trip snacks are trail mixes

3. Pistachios/walnuts/other nuts

Nuts are a good road trip snack. Easy to store and delicious. They also are full of healthy proteins. Some nuts are better than others, so do some research and find the one for you.

A variety of healthy and organic nuts for a road tripEating some nuts during a road trip

4. Dried Fruits

I do not really think that we have to explain this one. They are fruit, and they can be kept longer. Be sure to watch out, there are some dried fruits in the stores that hold more ingredients than just the fruit. If you pick the right ones you have good road trip snacks that taste great.

Dried fruits taste delicious and a healty alternative as a good road trip foodGood road trip snacks are dried fruits

5. Stroopwafels

Not the healthiest choice on the list, but still a no-brainer. The cookie is filled with syrup and is sure to lift the spirit of the person eating this cookie. They can also be kept for a long time and are easy to store. By luckily for you we didn’t said we would only highlight healthy snacks, but good road trip snacks, and that’s what Stroopwafels are!

Stroopwafels with caramel filling taste delicioussmall Stroopwafels are one of the best road trips to share.

6. Chocolate chip cookie

What can beat chocolate chip cookies? These cookies are absolutely ‘’classics’’ when it comes to cookies. That’s not without a reason…they’re delicious! Often these cookies come in a package which may not be that handy on a road trip. Therefore it’s often easier to pack the cookies in a individual packaging which makes it easier to hand them out to the passengers. This is wat chocolate chip cookies definitely earn their place on the good road trip snacks list.

Chocolate chip cookies are absolute classics to eat during a road tripChocolate chip cookies on the table ready to be packed for the road trip

7. Apple chips

During a long road trip there is quite a chance you get bored. And what do people when they get bored? Exactly they start eating. We all know tasty salty potato chips, but there is a healthier option, apple chips. Apple chips are good road trip snacks and are just as crispy and crunchy as potato chips but much more healthy.

This is a healthy snack for during a road tripBaked Dehydrated Apples Chips in a Bowl for a road trip

8. Banana muffins

Muffins are always great to eat. The cake like structure is just delicious! Muffins are dense and moist which create a taste sensation. The combination of muffin and banana brings the muffin experience to a next level and creates a flavor that can’t be denied.

Another benefit of muffins is that they are not messy. So no crumbs everywhere in the car, that should count for something as well don’t you think?

Banana muffines are an easy and healthy road trip snackBanana muffines as a road trip snack

9. Blueberry pancakes

When you need a last minute good road trip snack, blueberry pancakes will save the day. The pancakes are soft and moist and of course covered with blueberry’s. Making blueberry pancakes will only take 15 minutes. Pancakes are quite a good meal compared to other snacks on the list. They will still hunger for a longer period of time, which is another benefit of blueberry pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes with butter, maple syrup and fresh berriesPancakes are a good road trip snack and easy to make beforehand

10. Chocolate covered almost

Almonds and chocolate combined will make a great snack. This snack is smooth and crunchy – sweet and nutty. This combination makes them addictive to eat. You can buy chocolate covered almond in the store or make them yourself. One way ore another chocolate covered almonds are a good road trip snack and easy to transport.

Chocolate covered almonds are an addictive road trip snackChocolate covered almonds readt to go on a road trip


Coming back to number 5 of our list, the stroopwafel. Not many will know about this cookie, but it is the most well-known cookie in The Netherlands, and it is making its way all over the world. Although some may not like the standard stroopwafel, there are many diverse flavors. Just look on our online store and you can see all the different options we have. It ranges from chocolate Stroopwafels all the way to Coffee Stroopwafels (which are also only available in the United States!). It does not matter what flavor you choose, there will be a flavor that will make it a good road trip snack for someone.

Good road trip snacks

Now that you have an idea what good road trip snacks are, it is time to pick one that is right for you and your travel companions. So, pack enough snacks for everyone and do not forget to enjoy your road trip! And when you take one of our Daelmans Stroopwafels with you on your trip, we would like to know where they ended up. Take a picture of your Stroopwafel at a beautiful location during your road trip and post it to social media. Tag us in the message and maybe you will end up on our Instagram Stories.

The best view there is during a road tripThis is wat a lot of people like road trips, what a view

With this information of good road trip snacks nothing will get in your way of having a great time on the road. We would love to see pictures of your adventure. Share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #daelmansStroopwafels and tag us! lso do not forget to enjoy your Daelmans Stroopwafels. Maybe you even have your own recipe that you tried out and want to share with us too!

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