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Cookie gift basket

Gift baskets with cookies are a great gift. Who can resist a basket full of delicious stroopwafels in a variety of forms and sizes? A gift basket is well known but not used a lot with cookies especially with stroopwafels. You don’t have to know someone really well to give them a cookie gift basket. The basket is the ideal way to show gratitude to a business client, customers, friends, family and more. This makes a cookie gift basket with stroopwafels an original gift for a variety of situations.

How to make a cookie gift basket?

A cookie gift basket is really easy to make yourself there are only a few supplies you need:

  1. Basket
  2. Coloured plastic wrap
  3. Cellophane wrap
  4. Decorative ribbon
  5. Gift tags
  6. Daelmans Stroopwafels

With these 5 supplies you can make a cookie gift box yourself. Cost-efficient and great to receive or give. We recommend that you have some variety in your gift basket. For the sroopwafel lovers we have some varied sizes and tastes of stroopwafels. So, there is no need to get any other cookie, the stroopwafels will do the job of amaze the receiver of the basket.

How to make a cookie gift basket? Cookies for cookie gift basket.

How many cookies do you need?

This depends on the size of the cookie gift basket you want to give. You should have at least 20 or more cookies in a basket. We made a small list of stroopwafels you can consider putting in the basket:

  1. Daelmans Caramel stroopwafel in clip bag
  2. Daelmans Mini Chocolate Stroopwafels in bag
  3. Daelmans Organic Honey Stroopwafels in Clip Bag

The Daelmans Caramel stroopwafels in clip bag contain stroopwafels made the original way, you probably guest that by the name, right? These stroopwafels made of two crispy waffles filled with a soft butter syrup filling with natural Bourbon vanilla. We also speak of caramel Stroopwafels, because that is the taste of our original Stroopwafel.

Our Daelmans Mini Chocolate stroopwafels are made the same as the original version. We only replaced the waffles for chocolate waffles. Although we will never stop eating the original caramel Stroopwafel, we just love this chocolate ones. Have you or the receiver ever tried a chocolate Stroopwafel? Well, this is your chance.

The Daelmans Organic Honey Stroopwafels is the newest one of the ranges. This version has an added honey taste. At Daelmans, we never stop eating and talking about Stroopwafels. That is how we come up with new tasty ideas for our Stroopwafel. This is how the honey flavour came to the table, literally. Just like the original Daelmans Stroopwafel, the stroopwafel honey has a delicious caramel syrup filling between the waffles. A taste you can’t ignore.

The different sizes of Stroopwafels are great for a cookie gift basketDaelmans Stroopwafels Caramel

How to make a cookie gift basket?

You can wrap the cookies in coloured plastic wrap. This gives additional colours and helps to keep the cookies fresher for a longer time. We recommend wrapping them or give them straight out the box. This ensures that they will enjoy the stroopwafels to the fullest.

To assemble the basket, you need to set the basket in the centre of a large piece of coloured or clear cellophane. A good tip is to put some tissues on the bottom of the basket. This will function as a cushion to prevent to cookies from damaging.

To seal the basket, you simply lift up the corners of the cellophane till they meet. Then secure the cellophane with a colourful ribbon. To make it complete add a tag with a special and personalised message.

General tips
Like we wrote making a cookie gift basked is not hard at all. A tip is to have or create a specific theme to make the cookie basket for. For example, a birthday, friendship, Christmas and so on. This will make it easier to decorate the basket the right way. Making a cookie gift basket is fun to do, cos-efficient and will impress the receiver. This is anything you can ask from a gift.

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