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Best tea cookie

Everybody who wants to start his day right, takes tea with a tea cookie, right? According to the latest figures from Statista Research Department we used 6,6 billion kilograms of tea in 2021 worldwide. The estimations are that this will be a mind blowing 7,4 billion kilograms in 2025. Although each of us prefer the way we take our tea, and which cookie we should be eating with it, we also all have different preferences for where and how we drink our tea. We have taken the time to analyse the different types of tea personalities. Which one are you?

The time master

The ‘’time master’’ start his day slowly. When they get out of bed there is no rush and they slept well. They maybe do some meditations or stretching and get to the bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards they dress up and go down for their breakfast. The most important thing of the day is to get tea with a tea cookie. The ‘’time master’’ knows better than anyone that the right start in the morning can make the difference the rest of the day.

The enjoyer

It’s a rainy day and people get into the office soaking wet with sour faces and suddenly you see that person with a big smile. At this moment you are wondering what you missed…did he just get a promotion? No worry this is easy to explain, they just drink tea with a tea cookie instead of coffee. Enjoyers are people who, like the name suggest, enjoy every single moment of the day. They will always find that little things that makes the day great.

Tea cookie Tea cookie

Day dreamer

We all know that person who keeps staring at his screen like he is on another planet. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People who drink tea with a tea cookie are more often dreamers which give them peace of mind. When something needs to be done, they rather first get tea with a tea cookie, sit down, relax and then come up with the most amazing ideas instead of rushing. Tea drinkers take their time. This is something not a lot of people do, but tea drinkers master this skill. Maybe coffee drinkers can learn some lessons from these ‘’day dreamers’’.

The creative one

People who drink tea are more creative than people that don’t. This can be explained by the personality of the person. Tea drinkers are imaginative – coffee drinkers are productive. This quote explains it all. The creative person is a real asset because they can imagine everything ahead of time. Those people see everything in their heads and therefore they know exactly how to tweak the little things but make a big impact. Did you ever walk by a poster and had some thoughts about it after? This was probably by a tea drinker who planned this out all along. Do you get the importance of drinking tea with a tea cookie?

Tea cookie Tea cookie

The difference between tea and coffee drinkers

We all agree that coffee and tea is completely different. But what are the differences between people who drink coffee and those who drink tea? We made a list with compressions below.

  1. Tea drinkers take a break – coffee drinkers need a break
  2. Tea drinkers take it slow – coffee drinkers are looking for a rush
  3. Tea drinkers are bout rainy days – coffee drinkers are early mornings
  4. Tea drinkers see the mug half-full – coffee drinkers see it to the bottom
  5. Tea drinkers keep thoughts – coffee drinkers keep notebooks

Start the day with tea and a tea cookie

This list shows that there is a big difference between people who drink tea (with a tea cookie) and those wo drink coffee. Nonetheless we need both to make the best out of everyday situations. When something needs to be fixed quick you ask a coffee drinker. When there is not a lot of rush and it need ‘s to be thought true, a tea drinker is the right person for the job. When we look at this from a business perspective these persons fill in each other gabs which build a dynamic team that’s ready to handle everything crossing their path. Our tip of the day – start your day with tea and a tea cookie.

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