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Stroopwafel s’mores

Steal the show with s’mores! This typical American delicacy is the finishing touch to your bbq this summer. But of course our recipe has a slight Dutch touch, consisting of roasted marshmallows and a layer of chocolate between two halved Daelmans Stroopwafels. You can also make the s’mores as a delicacy at a campfire in the evening. With only three ingredients, you can conjure up a delicious dessert on the table. Isn’t it perfect weather for a bbq? You can also make the s’mores on the top burners inside the house, if you have a gas oven.


  • 6 Daelmans Stroopwafels
  • 6 Marshmallows
  • 90 grams milk chocolate
  • BBQ or fire pit
  • Portions: 6
  • Keywords: S'mores, dessert, BBQ


  1. Halve the Stroopwafels and break the chocolate into pieces. Place 6 half Stroopwafels on a serving plate and divide the chocolate over them.
  2. Baste the marshmallows on metal skewers and grill them over the still hot bbq or a fire pit.
  3. Carefully place the roasted marshmallow on top of the halved Stroopwafels with chocolate so that the chocolate melts. Place the remaining halved Stroopwafels on top of the marshmallows, press well and serve.
  4. Preparation tip: After step 3, place the Stroopwafels in an oven dish instead of serving them directly. Place the oven dish on the bbq for a while, so that the syrup inside the Stroopwafels melt. Remove the s'mores from the baking dish with a spatula and serve.

Times and expectations

Preparation time10
Cooking time5
Total time15
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