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Stroopwafel Apple Fantasia

Apples won’t fall too far from the tree if you cradle them on a bed of Daelmans stroopwafels. Stroopwafels make a luxurious crust for this elegant & artistic confection of spiced apples to rest upon. Aromas of natural cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla will perfume the air, and everyone will say, “a stroopwafel a day keeps the doctor away!”

Stroopwafel Strawberry Shortcake

Sponge cake4 eggs, split110 grams patent flower140 grams sugar1 bag of baking powderMisocaramel200 grams of sugar100 milliliters of water90 grams of butter125 milliliters of whipped cream1/2 or 1 tablespoon (red) misoCream cheeseFresh red fruitDaelmans Chocolate-Caramel StroopwafelsNecessitiesDetailsPortions: Keywords: Calories: Sponge Cake with Stroopwafels and FruitRecipe by Special Guest, MasterChef Netherlands Chef Ashley https://www.instagram.com/ashley.masterchef/ InstructionsPrepare sponge cake […]

Chocolate Caramel Stroopwafel Belgium Waffles

2 c all purpose flour4 tsp baking powderpinch of salt1 1/2 tbsp raw sugar2 eggs1 2/3 c milk1/3 c oil of choice (avocado oil used in this image)4 Daelmans chocolate caramel stroopwafels finely chopped or processed in a food processor/chopperNecessitiesDetailsPortions: Keywords: Calories: Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel Belgium WafflesIf you like waffles for dessert, this recipe is for […]

Stellas Lemon Thyme Panna Cotta Stroopwafel

Panna cotta1 bunch of fresh lemon thyme * (if you can not find this, take ordinary thyme)1 bunch of fresh lemon thyme * (if you can not find this, take ordinary thyme)1 ¾ leaf of gelatin30 g of sugar* I use lemon thyme for pannacotta. I get this as a plant in a garden center […]

Holiday Stroopwafel Bark

Bark24 mini Stroopwafels1 1/3 cups white chocolate chips (8 ounces), dividedSea salt crystals, such as Malden12 dried whole pitted Turkish apricots, diced½ cup dried cranberries (2 ounces)½ cup whole almonds (2 ounces), toasted, halved½ cup peeled raw pistachios (2 ounces)Apricot puree1 cup apricot nectar½ cup dried whole pitted Turkish apricots (3 ounces; about 12 apricots)Press-in […]

Cupcake Love

It’s delicious to bake with stroopwafels, but it’s also possible to decorate all sorts of pastries! Decorate cakes and cupcakes with our mini stroopwafels, and with stroopwafel crumbs. Also, use cookie cutters to turn our stroopwafels into all sorts of shapes and characters. You can find cookie cutters online and at cake shops. The metal cookie cutters are the best to use with our stroopwafels.

Blueberry Lavender Cheescake Chocolate Stroopwafel

Enjoy the essence of springtime. The subtle soft scent of calming lavender, competes with the bold flavor & crispy crunch of the Daelmans Chocolate Jumbo stroopwafel. Your special guests will be delighted & fall heads over heels in LOVE with this match made in stroopwafel heaven.

daelmans stroopwafels icecream

4 Jumbo Daelmans stroopwafels or 6 mini stroopwafelsIce creamNecessities4 large Daelmans stroopwafels or 6 mini stroopwafelsIce cream (vanilla is a great option, but you can try any other flavor)Tubes of icing, caramel sauce or chocolateIce cream scoopCookie cutter if you use the large stroopwafels DetailsPortions: 4Keywords: Calories: Summer StroopwafelsA Scoop of Stroopwafel! This summer, try […]

Stroopwafel cupcakes

Cupcakes125 grams butter at room temperature125 grams sugar125 grams self-raising flour2 tablespoons of milk at room temperature2 (preferably large) eggs at room temperatureButtercream (frosting)150 grams butter100 grams icing sugar1 vanilla sugar sachetOptional: food colouringDecoratie1 bag of mini caramel wafflesRed, white and blue hundreds and thousands or your own choice of decorationNecessitiesCupcake tinOvenPaper baking traysBowlMixerPiping bagDetailsPortions: […]

Stroopwafel soufflé Daelmans recept

Recipe by: Maya van der SandenStroopwafel soufflé25 g unsalted dairy butter25 g flour250 ml full fat milk50 g fine sugar4 M eggs, room temperature10 mini Daelmans stroopwafels / 3 large Daelmans stroopwafels+ 4 mini’s kept apart to finish off the dishVanille/sinaasappel crème fraîche1 vanilla pod, marrow1 vanilla pod, marrow1 vanilla pod, marrow1 vanilla pod, marrowSinaasappel […]

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Daelmans Chocolat Stroopwafel