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Stroopwafel Corn Fritters

1 cup corn (frozen or fresh, cut from the cob)1 large stroopwafel, coarsely chopped¼ cup flour½ tsp baking powder1 egg2 Tbsp milkPinch saltPinch cayenne2 cups canola oilNecessitiesDetailsPortions: 12Keywords: Calories: Stroopwafel Corn FrittersInstructionsIn a small bowl, mix together all ingredients except for the oil until you have a loose batter.Heat oil over medium-high heat to 375 […]

Stroopwafel Cheesecake

Cake300 grams plain biscuits200 grams butter750 grams plain or vanilla quark cheese9 sheets of gelatine150 ml milk500 ml whipping cream4 tablespoons sugarDecoration1 packet of large stroopwafelsA selection of fruit / berriesIcing sugarNecessitiesSpringform cake tinDetailsPortions: 14Keywords: Calories: Stroopwafel CheesecakeInstructionsBase: Crumble the biscuits in a food processor. Melt the butter in a small pan and add the […]

stroopwafel canape in a row

Pomegranate-Red Wine Syrup:2 c red wine¾ c pomegranate molasses½ c. broth of your choosing (chicken, beef, vegetable, or any other kind of broth are all fine)2 bay leaves1 clove garlic, peeled1/8 t cayenne pepper1/8 t ground nutmeg1/8 t ground cinnamon½ t salt¼ t ground black pepper½ c white sugar1 T butterStroopwafel Canapés:48 mini stroopwafels5 oz. […]

Stroopwafel and Panna Cotta Cafe

Do you dream of cookies and cream? Here’s a way to update your childhood favorite with flair. Panna Cotta is the classic Italian dessert of “cooked cream.” Infuse & sweeten the cream with stroopwafels & you’ll suddenly feel all grown up! Gordon Ramsay said, “Tommy’s Panna Cotta is THE MOST SUMPTUOUS in the history of the MasterChef kitchen!”

Stroopwafel Flowers

6 mini and 6 large stroopwafelsTube of icingabout 100 grams fondant icing or marzipan in any colour you likeSugar pearls in any colour you likeNecessitiesLong rounded satay skewers or long cocktail sticksDetailsPortions: Keywords: Calories: Stroopwafel FlowersInstructionsPress out any shapes you like from the large stroopwafels using cookie cutters. Metal cookie cutters work best on stroopwafels. […]

Stroopwafel Barbeque Chicken

2 Tbsp oil6 Chicken drumsticksSalt10 garlic cloves, peeled½ cup water½ cup ground stroopwafels2 Tbsp ginger1 cup chicken stock¼ cup soy sauce¼ cup vinegar2 tsp sesame oil¼ cup ground stroopwafels2 green onions, choppedNecessitiesDutch ovenDetailsPortions: Keywords: Calories: Stroopwafel Barbeque ChickenInstructionsHeat oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. When oil is hot, add in drumsticks and season […]

Stroopwafel Banoffee Trifle

Stroopwafel custard creme1/2 Cup Sugar2 Tablespoons of Cornstarch Powder2 Cups of Milk2 Egg Yolks1/4 cup Whipped Mascarpone Cheese1/2 Teaspoon Bourbon Vanilla2 Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels (roughly chopped for best results)Whipped CreamSlivered AlmondsBananas foster caramel2 firm ripe bananas (peeled & sliced lengthwise)1 cup granulated sugar3 tablespoons of butter1/4 cup of Dark Rum (Bacardi) *see optional instructionsNecessitiesPanWhiskSkilletDetailsPortions: Keywords: […]

Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse

Daelmans delivers the decadent crunch to this light & fluffy treat. It’s as quick and easy to make, as it is to eat. The tartness of strawberry, and a fluff of whipped cream, will be a dollop of delight, with a stroopwafel swirled in the mix. FYI: Strawberry Stroopwafel Mousse is a showstopping topping on a mini-stroopwafel. Pass them on a tray at your next soiree!

Stroopwafel Apple Fantasia

Apples won’t fall too far from the tree if you cradle them on a bed of Daelmans stroopwafels. Stroopwafels make a luxurious crust for this elegant & artistic confection of spiced apples to rest upon. Aromas of natural cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla will perfume the air, and everyone will say, “a stroopwafel a day keeps the doctor away!”

Ashleys Strawberry Shortcake

Sponge cake4 eggs, split110 grams patent flower140 grams sugar1 bag of baking powderMisocaramel200 grams of sugar100 milliliters of water90 grams of butter125 milliliters of whipped cream1/2 or 1 tablespoon (red) misoCream cheeseFresh red fruitDaelmans Chocolate-Caramel StroopwafelsNecessitiesDetailsPortions: Keywords: Calories: Sponge Cake with Stroopwafels and FruitRecipe by Special Guest, MasterChef Netherlands Chef Ashley https://www.instagram.com/ashley.masterchef/ InstructionsPrepare sponge cake […]

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