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Promotional Conditions

Check out our special offers such as multi-item promotions, discount vouchers, win promotions and more at stroopwafels.com. For all these special promotions, you can read the terms and conditions below.

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Promotional Conditions current promotions

  • These regulations apply to the “Subscribe to newsletter – €10 introductory discount” hereinafter referred to as “promotion” of Daelmans Webshop, established and having its office in Oss, the Netherlands
  • By participating in the promotion, you completely accept these terms and conditions
  • The discount code will be sent to you by e-mail with the confirmation of your registration
  • The discount code has limited validity and can only be used once
  • The promotion is valid on all products at stroopwafels.com, also on discounted products
  • The promotion is valid on both regular and business orders above €50
  • The promotion is not valid in combination with other discount codes
  • The promotion is not valid afterwards
  • Daelmans Webshop can change the conditions of the promotion or end the promotion at any time.
  1. These regulations apply to the Daelmans competition. The promotion starts on 30 March 2020.
  2.  Excluded from participating in the promotional game are persons under the age of 18, as well as employees of Daelmans and all other parties involved in the realization of this promotion.
  3.  Participants who agree to the conditions for subscribing to the newsletter are subscribed until they cancel their subscription to Daelmans’ newsletter. Participants can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking a link at the bottom of the e-mail they receive.
  4.  The promotion starts on 30 March 2020 and you can participate until 7 June 2020.
  5.  Participation in the promotional game is as follows:
  • Participants obtain a Daelmans win code from a scratch card included in the Descaler order and enter the win code on Daelmans’ promotional page https://stroopwafels.happywinners.nl/. Participants must enter their win code and e-mail address on this page to participate.
  • If participants agree to the promotional conditions set by Daelmans, they will receive a confirmation e-mail to verify their e-mail address. Participants can also optionally subscribe to the Daelmans newsletter.
  • Participants will then be asked for their name, date of birth, and gender. Once participants have entered this information, they will receive their prize.
  1. In the event of fraud or unlawful influencing of the promotion, Daelmans reserves the right to exclude participants, not to award prizes, or to cancel the right to a prize (afterwards).
  2. Daelmans does not charge communication costs per participant per participation.
  3. The main prize of the promotion is a surprise gift package worth £250 and Daelmans ‘klompen’. The main prizes may be awarded separately. Other participants will receive a discount for their next purchase. This discount is valid until 30 June 2020 and cannot be exchanged in combination with other promotions.
  4. If participants provide incomplete and/or incorrect information upon participation, Daelmans has the right to exclude them from participating in further competitions and may also decide to cancel their right to win a prize.
  5. Winners are selected in an impartial manner and by random computer selection.
  1. The results are not open to discussion. The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. The prize winners will receive a personal message no later than 16 June 2020.
  1. For information or questions related to the promotion, please contact us via [email protected].
  1. Daelmans cannot be held liable for any problems or consequential damage caused by or inherent in the distribution of information via the internet, or for any technical malfunctions, such as temporary unavailability of the site, non-working links, problems with subscriptions or connections with your internet provider or mobile phone provider, or other situations of force majeure.
  2. All intellectual property on the content of this site, including all texts, images, layouts, or other information, belongs to Daelmans.
  3. In cases not covered by these regulations, Daelmans decides.
  4. The organization and partners are not liable for direct or indirect damage in any form whatsoever caused by participating in and/or downloading the promotion. The promotion has been checked for the presence of known computer viruses and has been tested on multiple computer systems. However, it is not possible to guarantee the absence of computer viruses. The organization is not liable for third‑party software, such as software drivers and browser plug-ins.
  5. Daelmans is not liable for malfunctions in the network, hardware, or software that result in limitation, delay, or loss of data.
  6. The organization is not responsible for the loss of participants’ results and/or the submission of incorrect or incomplete data by a participant.
  7. These general promotional conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance. If you believe that our site or our actions do not comply with this code, please contact us via [email protected].
  8. The main prizes can be claimed by the winner up to three months after participation. Prize winners will be sent an e-mail containing instructions on how to claim the main prize. If Daelmans has not received a response within three months, any claim to the prize will be lost.


Promotional Conditions expired promotions

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