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Best espresso Cookie

The Dutch are one of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. And you cannot drink your coffee without a cookie on the side. Stroopwafel is one of the most consumed cookies that we eat in The Netherlands with our coffee. It is really the perfect Coffee or Espresso cookie. And we know exactly why that is the case!

Real coffee drinkers

Dutch people drink around 4 cups of coffee on average every day!* And most of those are consumed while drinking coffee at home. And around 90% of those people think that a cookie is essential when drinking coffee. And we think Stroopwafel is the best espresso cookie to eat with your coffee. Why do you ask? Let us explain!

Different flavours

Stroopwafels were originally made with two wafers and caramel in the middle. But why not change it up a little? We at Daelmans have different flavours, so that you will never get tired of eating Stroopwafels. Maybe you want to try our chocolate Stroopwafels. Or maybe our Honey Stroopwafels are more your thing. We even have mini Stroopwafels that are easier to share with friends or family. And if you do not want to drink coffee, why not eat some coffee Stroopwafels? Or maybe you like coffee so much that you drink your espresso with an espresso cookie Stroopwafel! Everything is possible.

Different ways to eat

Of course, a Stroopwafel is good enough as it is as an espresso cookie. But if you want to do something different, you can try to cook with Stroopwafels. Visit our website and look for our stories page. It is filled with delicious Stroopwafel recipes for you to try! Try to make a Stroopwafel cake or go crazy and make Stroopwafel chicken nuggets. It is all up to you.

Espresso cookie

The Stroopwafel is the perfect Espresso cookie to eat with your coffee. But the best match is espresso. The taste of the espresso and the Stroopwafel are a great match because of the amount of caffeine in the espresso. Put your Stroopwafel on top of your espresso and let it melt before you eat it. This way you have a perfectly soft Stroopwafel. Or dip your Stroopwafel in your espresso to mix the flavours of the Stroopwafel and the espresso together.

A stroopwafel is the best espresso cookie out there! You like coffee? Than you should check out this espresso cookie.

Want to try Stroopwafel?

Have you never had a Stroopwafel? Now is the time to order your first Stroopwafels. Our online shop is filled with all kinds of different flavours and sizes. So, there is always something that you will like. Or if you want to really want to get the Stroopwafel experience, why not order your very own Stroopwafel tin? You can even make it your own by personalising your tin. Or choose one of our many templates so that you do not have to design the whole tin on your own. The Stroopwafel is really the perfect espresso cookie

Our flavours

At Daelmans we have the original Stroopwafel flavour, but we also have other variants. Are you a fan of chocolate? Try our chocolate Stroopwafels. Or maybe you like maple syrup more. We even have different sizes. We have jumbo, normal and mini Stroopwafel. The mini is the perfect Espresso cookie due to the size of the cookie. So, pick your favourite, and enjoy a good Stroopwafel with your coffee.

Tried a Stroopwafel with coffee?

Have you tried an Espresso cookie or a Stroopwafel with your coffee? Or have you tried making one of the recipes on our website? why not share it with us! Share your photo on Instagram, use the hashtag #daelmansStroopwafels and tag us! And do not forget to try our Daelmans Stroopwafels.

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* Redactie Eatly. (2020, 15 augustus). ​Het koffiegebruik onder Nederlanders. Eatly. Geraadpleegd op 3 februari 2022, van https://www.eatly.nl/drinken/het-koffiegebruik-onder-nederlanders



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