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The best customised gifts

Do you always have trouble finding that perfect gift for your friends, family or maybe even colleagues? We know the feeling, but we at Daelmans might have the answer to all of your problems. Customised gifts might be the perfect.

Customised gifts

We all have had that time we had to look for a gift for someone, but quickly realised that we didn’t really know what to give the other person. Well, maybe this is the answer you have all been waiting for. You should get them a personalised gift! Personalised gifts or customised gifts are something that was always around, but since 2020 it gained traction because we were all in lockdown. These gifts are so good because they show that you really put some thought and effort into the gift.

Create your own customised gifts like a Stroopwafel tin.

Food gifts

There is always the safe option to give someone food as a gift. Almost everyone loves to get chocolate or some other sweet food item. And in the last years it has become increasingly easier to send someone a gift, like for example chocolates or cookies. Just order something to their address and it will be on their doorstep in no time. But what if you combine customised gifts and a food gift? Well, you will get the most perfect gift you can give someone. We are sure you would make anyone happy with that kind of gift.

Personalised Daelmans

So how do you incorporate those two options? Well, we at Daelmans give you the option to personalise your very own Stroopwafel tin to give to friends, family, colleagues or maybe just give them to yourself. Go to our website, click the customise button on the menu and start designing your customised gifts. You can design the whole tin yourself with Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, or you can choose one of our many predesigned templates for your Stroopwafel tins.

What is in my customised gifts

But what else can you expect with your customised gifts? You will find the most delicious Stroopwafels in your tin. Our Stroopwafels are made with a syrup filling enriched with a bourbon vanilla. Your customised gift comes with 8 of those delightful Stroopwafels. But what should you do when you finish those Stroopwafels? You can order more Stroopwafels in our online store to fill it back up. You can even try one of our other flavours like the honey or chocolate Stroopwafel. We even have different sizes, like our Jumbo Stroopwafels (3.5 inch) ,normal Stroopwafels (3.1 inch) and our mini Stroopwafels (1.77 inch).

After the design process

When you have finished designing the perfect customised gifts, we will confirm and review your very own design. When that is all said and done we can start making and delivering your customised gifts. Your tins should arrive between 5 – 10 business days depending on your location in the United States. This way you can give your gifts to the person who deserves it the most as quickly as possible. It does not even need to be a celebration. Everyone loves getting gifts, especially when there’s Stroopwafels involved!

Designed your customised gifts?

If you have your perfect design in mind, why not start designing it now? We would also love to see your customised gifts when they are delivered, so why not share it with us via our social media? Share your picture on Instagram or Facebook, put the hashtag #daelmansStroopwafels under your picture and tag us too! We would also appreciate if you left a review to really let us know what you think of us or our Stroopwafels.

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