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Cookie gifts

Tis the season to … give cookie gifts?

Whoever you’re buying for this holiday season, a sweet treat is always a good idea!

This holiday season, it’s all about the cookie gifts. After all, who doesn’t like receiving a sweet treat? We know there is a long list to buy for; colleagues, grandparents, friends, not forgetting the teachers at the kids’ school. But don’t worry there is something for everyone in our holiday gift guide.

The teachers’ cookie gifts

If there is one thing that we all learnt in lockdown, is that teachers are extremely under-rated! Not only do they keep our kids busy from 9am till 3pm Monday to Friday, but they also teach them things and help kids grow five days out of seven. Therefore, when the holiday season rolls around, it’s a great opportunity to say “thank you”. Why not buy a big box of cookies for the staff room, and for that one special teacher a small tin of Stroopwafels for them to enjoy?

Cookie gifts inDaelmans cookie gifts

A cookie gift that’s still gluten free? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve all got that one friend or relative. They love sweet things but are intolerant to gluten. Did you know that Daelmans Stroopwafels are also available in a gluten free variety? That’s right, your friend or family member will no longer have to miss out on their cookie fix. TIP: You might want to order multiple packs, because once this gift is opened, they will soon fly out of the bag!

For the discerning chocolate lover

You can please even the biggest chocolate lover with the right gift of (chocolate) cookie gifts. Finding a gooey, delicious treat like the chocolate Stroopwafels will tickle the tastebuds of any chocolate connoisseur!

Chocolate cookie giftsStroopwafels are great cookie gifts

A gift for the office

Want to celebrate the holiday season with your colleagues, or say “thank you” to a supplier, or celebrate the time of year with a team? You don’t need to think small; you can think big, REALLY BIG, by giving many small cookie gifts. You can please the masses by gifting a giant share box of cookies, which will offer everyone a sweet treat. Share boxes are also great for office parties, festive soirée or family gatherings during the holiday season. Basically, there’s always a good time for a cookie!

Customised gifts

Sometimes you need something extra special to give to family, friends, or someone close. You can still choose some of your favourite cookies, whilst adding an extra special message or personalisation to the gift box. Whether it’s a message of thanks for the year of support or to show someone how much they mean to you. You can even make your cookie gift stand out from under the tree with a unique tin design, the opportunities are endless.

For the organically minded

We are all becoming more aware of what we put in our bodies, and therefore organic products are seeing a rise in popularity more than ever. That’s where organic cookie gifts come in. Cookies that offer the same great taste, but without added colours, fragrances or preservatives? By using natural ingredients that are full in flavor, organic doesn’t have to mean taste free. Which is why giving organic cookies are the ideal gifts if the person you want to buy for is organically minded. No worries about what’s in them, meaning more enjoyment whilst eating them.

Whoever you are looking to buy a gift for or whatever the reason, buying cookie gifts is always a good idea. Just try to make sure you don’t eat them all yourself before you give them to the person, or people, they are intended ;-).

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