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Cookie gift box

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your business partners, clients, friends, colleagues, or somebody else? With a cookie gift box you can’t be wrong. We from Daelmans Stroopwafels made this job even easier for you. We provide diverse types of gift boxes. For example, a gift set with Stroopwafels and a mug but also tins which even can be customised. Another gift box is the Hexa box. This is a luxurious looking box that will catch the eye of everyone.

Stroopwafel Gift Set

Do you have a party or a business meeting soon? Surprise them with a Stroopwafel gift set. We have put together a great gift set for real Stroopwafel fans. In addition to a Delft Blue Tin with 8 Stroopwafels, this set caramel stroopwafels also contains a Daelmans Stroopwafels mug and a Stroopwafel coaster. Everything you need in a fun cookie gift box. This gift is great to give to any Stroopwafel lover.

Gifst sets are the ideal cookie gift box.Best cookie gift box with Stroopwafels.

Stroopwafels in Delft Blue tin

The Stroopwafel in Delft Blue tin is a typical Dutch gift. The design of the Delf Blue tin looks amazing by itself and therefore it’s a stunning cookie gift box. This cookie gift is filled with 8 original caramel Stroopwafels. These are filled with a creamy and buttery syrup filling with natural Bourbon vanilla. This cookcie gift set is the ideal gift for someone in a foreign country to let them experience the delicious taste of Stroopwafels. Besides that, they have a typical Dutch tin which they can refill and will remember for a long time.    

Stroopwafel Hexa box

The Hexa gift box looks luxurious duo to the brilliant design. This makes it an ideal gift for every situation. For example, you can give it in person to one of your clients or friends. Wherever you use it for, it’s the ideal all round cookie gift box.

Stroopwafel Cube box

Daelmans Stroopwafels come in all sizes and packaging, suitable for consumers and businesses. If you just want a more luxurious package than usual, a box filled with Stroopwafels would be an excellent choice. These Jumbo caramel Stroopwafels in Cube Box are bigger than our standard size, which makes them perfect for popping on top of your cup of coffee or tea. Just a bit of extra Stroopwafel you can enjoy! This would be the perfect cookie gift box for many of situations.

Birthday cookie gift boxStroopwafel Tins

Earlier we mentioned the Stroopwafels in Delft Blue tin, but we also made some tins specified to different themes. For example, with texts like ‘’thank you’’, and ‘’happy birthday’’. As a special version we even have an orange tin. For those who don’t know, the Netherlands is associated with the colour orange. This is used by teams in sports like soccer, so why not with delicious Stroopwafels?

The wide variety of tins makes it easy to pick the one that suits the situation the best. Therefore, a tin as a cookie gift box is a very good option. Besides this the receiver can enjoy the Stroopwafels and afterwards there is a stunning tin left which they can use for a long time to come. 

Customise your tin

For all the creative people out there, who like to customize their gifts we offer the option to customize tinsStroopwafels are a great gift but receiving them in a personalised tin is even greater. Customize your own Stroopwafel tin with a logo or personal message to give on a special occasion. Designing a customized tin is quite easy and the result is stunning.  

Would you like to give your employees a warm welcome or do your colleagues deserve to be put in the spotlight? A unique tin with your company logo is a great idea, and also very suitable to give away as a promotional gift.

When you choose the option to customize a tin there are different option. There is an option to design the lid only or both the lid and the label. There are a lot of occasions to give a cookie gift box in the form of a customized tin. For example, you can give your business partner a gift for all those productive years or just to a long-time friend. Honestly the occasion doesn’t really matter, the cookie gift box does!  

Customised Stroopwafel tin DaelmansGift tin welcome 2

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