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Coffee cookie

What does your way of enjoying a coffee with cookie say about you?

Dive into the different types of coffee cookie personalities. If there is one thing that will give you a pickup at any time of day, it’s a hot cup of coffee with cookie, preferably a Daelmans Stroopwafel ;-). According to the latest figures* from the International Coffee Organisation, between June 2020 and June 2021, Europeans drank 242 million kilograms of coffee! By far topping the world’s list of coffee drinkers! Although each of us have a preference for the way we take our coffee, and which cookie we should be eating with it, we also all have different preferences for where and how we drink our coffee. We have taken the time to analyse the different types of coffee personalities. Which one are you?

Stroopwafels are a great Coffee cookie.Enjoying Coffee with cookie

Kitchen recharger

Quite often these coffee and cookie scoffers are people with busy lives, and more often than not are frazzled parents. You will find them standing in the kitchen trying to speedily enjoy their moment. If they pick the right moment, they might just be able to finish their coffee (cookie) and in peace, as a bonus while it’s still warm! However, the wrong moment could see them being interrupted and then BAM, they’ve got to share their sweet treat with everyone! The kitchen recharge is also a firm favourite with those who like to grab a second cookie…and who can blame them!

Coffee cookie in a café? That’s café couture

Not everyone thinks that grabbing a quick coffee standing in your kitchen is a winning recipe. This is where the café couture club comes in. Those people who love nothing more than heading out to their favourite café, kicking back and enjoying their daily news fix whilst enjoying their moment of calm.

Stepping sipper

Coffee with cookie is a moment to enjoy

Whilst many of us like to sit back to enjoy our coffee with cookie, the stepping sippers take another approach. Enjoying their caffeine hit on the go, whilst getting their daily step count in! They are the type of people who always have the latest trendy “to-go” mugs, along with a steady hand to keep their Stroopwafel in place on top of the mug whilst they walk. They are also likely to have the perfect playlist for sipping and stepping and have the latest smartwatch to keep track of every move they make.

Garden dreamer

Whether it’s a perfectly mowed garden or a city balcony, garden dreamers enjoy their coffee with cookie whilst they are at one with nature. They will find the sunniest, least windy spot, and even the freshest winter days won’t put them off enjoying their coffee outside. These garden dreamers know how to make the most of every ray of sunshine, and even in the winter can quite often be seen with a sun kissed glow thanks to the extra vitamin C they are packing in each day.

Lay-in loungers

The lay-in loungers appreciate their sleep, and therefore want nothing more than their daily caffeine fix in between the sheets. This group of people will often prolong their coffee with cookie moment to a few hours, reading the news or even catching up on emails in the comfort of their beds.

Car consumers

Those who enjoy a faster pace of life, they live on the wild side. Often not taking their hot beverage in a to-go cup, but often balancing their cookie on top of their open coffee in the cup holder of the car. When buying a car, one of the first things they check for is cup holders, because their coffee with cookie moment shouldn’t be ruined by a design oversight!

car consumer coffee cookieIrish coffee recipe

Irish twister

This group have little preference of where they drink their coffee, what matters is what’s in it, and it should be nothing less than a shot of good quality Irish whiskey. Of course, adding a cookie to accompany your Irish coffee is an indulgence that we like the sound of. If you like the sound of it too, why not check out the Irish coffee cookie Stroopwafel recipe, a party in your glass every single time!

Tell us what’s your coffee with a cookie personality.

Any personality that we have missed? Let us know via social or in the comments below.

* latest figures* from the International Coffee Organization

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