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Best cookie gifts online

Do you like easy shopping but above all the best of the best? Then ordering cookie gifts online is the way to go to surprise anyone you want. We have a wide assortment of Stroopwafels which are great as a gift. You can use Stroopwafels for basically everything. For example, for your business relations at home and abroad to show them appreciation. But also, for your friends, family, colleagues etc. With a Daelmans Stroopwafel you can’t be wrong!

The assortment of cookie gifts online

We have varied sizes and tastes to suits all the needs out there. We made a list of Stroopwafels that are great to give.

Caramel original Stroopwafel

Who doesn’t like the original? The caramel Stroopwafel is the original one from Daelmans. These Stroopwafels consist of two crispy waffles filled with a delicious caramel syrup filling, made with the best ingredients. The taste is amazing, something that words can’t describe. Even the sound of the breaking waffles will amaze you. It’s something you never experienced before. Therefore, this very jummy Stroopwafel deserves his spot on the cookie gifts online list.

Chocolate Stroopwafel

For all the chocolate lovers we made a special cookie; crunchy, caramel syrup and…chocolate of course! These Stroopwafels consist of two chocolate waffles with also that amazing caramel syrup filling that you experience with the original Stroopwafel. The mixture of caramel and chocolate let you experience chocolate like you never done before. So, if you are searching for cookie gifts online and you would like to surprise someone with chocolate Stroopwafels, this is the one to choose.

Buy cookie gifts online.Get the best chocolate cookie gifts online

Gluten free Stroopwafel

You want to give a Stroopwafel for someone with a gluten intolerance (coeliac disease)? No problem, we have a gluten free stroopwafel in our online shop! So, no reason not to enjoy the taste of Stroopwafels! Eating a Stroopwafel is something that should be on your bucket list ;). Therefore, want to make it accessible for those that have gluten intolerance too. To make it even better this Stroopwafel is also dairy free. Free of some things, but definitely not free of the amazing taste. When you are searching for cookie gifts online the gluten free stroopwafel is definitely worth checking out.

Honey Stroopwafel

Honey waffles might even taste better than the original Stroopwafel. This is why this cookie urns a place in the list of best cookie gifts online. The honey Stroopwafel is made the same way as the original one. But after some thinking (and of course eating) Stroopwafels we came up with the idea to add honey. The honey taste is not overwhelming, but just right which gives a special taste sensation. If you are looking for some cookie gifts online and would like to surprise someone with a unique gift, this Stroopwafel should definitely be on the top of your list.

The special ones

Besides Stroopwafels in regular packaging, we have also other products that are great to give as cookie gifts online. For example, a Gift Set that contains a Delft Blue tin with 8 caramel Stroopwafels, original Daelmans coffee mug and a Daelmans Stroopwafels coaster. This set is ideal to give to friends, family, or business relations.

With this set you are ‘’Stroopwafel ready’’. Put your Stroopwafel mug on the Stroopwafel coaster, poor yourself a delicious hot drink and put a Stroopwafel on top of the mug to warm it up. Because of the mug, tin, and the coaster this gift will have a longer lasting value than a regular pack of Stroopwafels. This ensures that the receiver will think about you and the special gift for a long time.

We hope with this list gave you an overview of cookie gifts online that can be ordered and shipped easily around the world. So next time you want to surprise someone think about Stroopwafels, because there is no better gift to give.

Gift sets are great as a cookie gift online.

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