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Warm it up on your cup!

At Daelmans we love our business. But we love our Stroopwafels even more. We are absolutely mad about them. There are many ways to enjoy a Stroopwafel but let us tell you more about our favourite way…..

Just imagine, way back in the early nineteen hundreds – cold gales blowing over the LowLands, while monster waves bash into the dikes. A group of workmen is scooping up earth to fortify a battered dike and, hopefully, keep the hinterlands dry… During lunch break, coffee is served to warm the men’s hands and bolster their spirit. Here is where Stroopwafels come in. Back then, warming up a Stroopwafel on a cup served a dual, double Dutch purpose: 1) it would keep the coffee warmer for longer and 2) make the caramel waffle all warm and melty, thereby releasing the aromas and gooey goodness inside.

This little ‘warm it up on your cup’ ritual still works beautifully today.

Simply rest a Stroopwafel on top of your hot cup of coffee or tea. Wait for about two minutes to allow the caramel to get all soft and melty. Your Stroopwafel is now awake. All you have to do is just bite into the gooey goodness!

We love it, so do try this at home :)!

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