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Get something sweet on the heat! Round off your BBQ with a tasty treat

As soon as the sun comes out, the smell of BBQs fill the air and supermarkets rush to fill their shelves with BBQ-able food, and the drinks to accompany them.

As we head into summer vacation time (and hopefully a couple of months of good weather), it’s time we took our BBQ’ing more seriously, and put more focus on the end – the dessert! After all we shouldn’t just think about meat and vegetables when it comes to BBQs, oh no! Why not throw a Stroopwafel on next time to make some tasty creations?

Need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Here are four of our favourite recipes that will provide the perfect round up to your summer BBQs.

Ice cream taco

Don’t just let taco shells have all the fun, instead heat your Stroopwafel on the BBQ for a few minutes and shape it as it cools over a spatula, cup or rolling pin into a taco shape. Add in a few scoops of your favourite ice cream and add as many toppings as you can handle.

Then sit back and enjoy!

Passionfruit Stroopwafel sandwich

Make your Stroopwafel addiction guilt-free, by adding in one of your five a day to the middle. Simply heat up the Stroopwafel on your BBQ and pull apart the two sides. Spread with delicious passion fruit pulp on the inside and put the two sides back together. You’ve just created your own limited edition Stroopwafel flavour!

Stroopwafel kebabs

A great one for the kids to help with, this is simple yet effective! Grab some skewers and add mini Stroopwafels and marshmallows alternatively along the skewer (make your own fun combinations with fruit). Hold them over the hot BBQ until the marshmallows and Stroopwafels are warm and gooey!

Stroopwafel smores

These will leave you shouting for “s’more”! Simply grill marshmallows over a still hot BBQ or fire pit on a skewer. Once hot, put the marshmallows onto a half a Stroopwafel, add a piece of chocolate and finish off with the other half of the Stroopwafel. The marshmallow will melt the chocolate. If you are looking for some extra gooey-ness, add the Stroopwafel smores into an oven dish and add back to the BBQ until the syrup begins to melt. ­

Do you have any tried and tested Stoopwafel BBQ recipes? Send them through to us so we can spread the word!

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