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Best cookie with coffee

We bet you like a cookie with your coffee, but what is the best cookie with coffee? Every time you go to the store you don’t know which cookie to choose. Do you stick to something classic, or do you try something new? We can make a list of existing cookies but we from Daelmans know there is only one cookie that will delight you. That cookie is the Stroopwafel. You may or may not have heard about this Dutch cookie. but there is no doubt you will like it as soon as you take that first bite.

Best cookie with coffee

When you think it’s just one type of cookie? you’re right but we have a great assortment with a variety of different types of Stroopwafels. For example, we have Stroopwafels with chocolate, caramel or honey. But we also have mini stroopwafels. Let’s go in depth about these different cookies and why they are the best cookie with coffee.

What is the best cookie with coffee? Stroopwafels are the best cookie with coffee 

Caramel original Stroopwafel

The caramel Stroopwafel is the original one from Daelmans. These Stroopwafels consist of two crispy waffles filled with a delicious caramel syrup filling, made with the best ingredients. Doesn’t that sound like the best cookie with coffee? The best part is when you put your Stroopwafel on top of your coffee, the syrup will melt a little which make the taste even better. It’s like the Stroopwafel and coffee are meant to consume together.

Best caramel cookie with coffee

Chocolate Stroopwafel

For all the chocolate lovers out there, there is no excuses to skip a Stroopwafel. Brace yourself for the best cookie you’ve ever eaten with chocolate. This Stroopwafel contains the same delicious filling as the caramel original. But in addition, this stroopwafel has a layer of chocolate which gives an amazing taste. This is why we definitely think that Daelmans chocolate Stroopwafels deserve a place on the list of best cookie with coffee.

Best chocolate cookie with coffee

Honey Stroopwafel

Honey waffles might even taste better than the original Stroopwafel. This is way this cookie urns a place in the list of best cookie with coffee. The honey Stroopwafels have a delicious butter caramel syrup filling, just like the original version. At Daelmans we are always searching for new flavours and combinations to surprise you. This is how the Honey Stroopwafel was invented. Like the name suggest this Stroopwafel has an additional taste, honey. This combination of flavours will give you an interesting and delicious taste like you never tasted before.  

Organic Stroopwafel

Are you mad about Stroopwafels, and do you find it important to enjoy with peace of mind? You can! We have unique organic Stroopwafels that are particularly tasty. Just like the original caramel Stroopwafel, the Bio Honey Stroopwafel consists of two crispy waffles with soft butter syrup filling, but with the taste of honey. This special treat is, as the name suggests, produced entirely organically. This means that no unnatural colours, fragrances, or flavours have been added to the ingredients to improve taste or shelf life.

This product is also entirely Fair Trade. Plenty of reasons why this is one of our favourites! Like all the other Stroopwafels the organic version has a delicious taste. But why ends this one on the list of best cookie with coffee? The answer is quite simple. This Stroopwafel is Fairtrade, which is something we all need to pay more attention to. This is way to go.

Best honey cookie

Gluten free Stroopwafel

For everyone with a gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) we have gluten free Stroopwafels. There is no reason not to enjoy this amazing tasting cookie. It’s just something you have to try in your live, maybe even add it to your bucket list…We know you won’t regret it. Besides that, these stroopwafels are gluten free but they are also lactose and dairy free. The only thing they are not free of is that delicious caramel taste. With these specifications the gluten-free Stroopwafel is the best cookie with coffee.

Mini Stroopwafel

We have a variety of flavours and sizes. Like our mini Stroopwafels with a diameter of 4.5 cm. A smaller variety of the original Daelmans Stroopwafel, but with an equally great taste experience! Our mini Stroopwafels are available in a share bag, gift tin or bulk pack. The Stroopwafels in the gift tin and in the bulk, packs are individually wrapped. In this way, they stay fresh for a long time. This is Ideal for the hospitality industry or at the office as a special welcome for your customers. Because they are small which makes it easy to take them with you.

This makes the mini stroopwafels possibly the best cookie with coffee. But even when they are smaller that doesn’t mean you have little to enjoy. These little ones have exactly the same tastes as their bigger brothers. Little tip: just take two or more with you because at the end of the day we are sure you ate them all!

Mini coffee cookie

Packaging of the Stroopwafels

We talked a lot about the different versions of Stroopwafels there are. But we also talked about the best cookie with coffee. The answer to that question is not straight forward. When we are honest, they all deserve the name off best cookie with coffee. But we also mentioned that Stroopwafels are great to give to someone. This is why we also took the design of our packaging to the next level and created some stunning gift sets and tins.

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