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Since 1904

The story of Daelmans Stroopwafels begins in 1904. It’s when Hermanus Daelmans sets up his little family bakery in Vlijmen, a small town in the southern Netherlands. Since then, many many things have changed. And millions worldwide have come to enjoy our Stroopwafels. What hasn’t changed is the secret recipe for our original Stroopwafels. And the quality ingredients we use. It’s why the world prefers Daelmans Stroopwafels.

The complete story
Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels since 1904 Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels since 1904 Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels since 1904
Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels since 1904

Songs that stick around

Daelmans Stroopwafels songs on Spotify®

Hand-selected by our Sticky Syrup connaisseurs. The Daelmans Spotify® playlist “Sticky Songs” with songs that stick around!

Our products

Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels Original Stroopwafels

The original Daelmans Stroopwafels in all kind of sizes and packaging.

Chocolate Stroopwafels duo pack Chocolate Stroopwafels

Soft toasted chocolate wafels filled with a soft butter caramel syrup filling.

Stroopwafel 24x1 open Stroopwafel Bulk Packs

Individually wrapped Stroopwafels for out of home moments.


Customised Stroopwafel tins with your own logo or design.

Daelmans Stories

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Daelmans Stroopwafels

At Daelmans we are totally mad about Stroopwafels. It is our passion! That is why we enjoy making the most delicious Daelmans Stroopwafels every day. Two crispy waffles filled with a delicious caramel syrup filling, made with the best ingredients. We have maintained this tradition of dedicated craftsmanship at Daelmans since 1904 and we are fully committed to this every day. Because that is the only way we can get to offer the No. 1 Stroopwafel. Have you had a real Daelmans Stroopwafel? It’s very likely, because our Stroopwafels are all over the world. People don’t just love our special cookie in the Netherlands. Everywhere we go, people just love the Daelmans Stroopwafel as we do, from the very first bite. A big compliment to our bakers who make our authentic Stroopwafel so crispy and smooth at the same time.

Daelmans Stroopwafels Assortment

Our caramel Stroopwafels come in various shapes and sizes. In addition to a well-filled Hexa Box, we also have individually wrapped Jumbo and Mini Stroopwafels. Handy to hand out or serve with a nice cup of coffee or tea. In addition to the traditional caramel stroopwafel, there are many other tasty Stroopwafels available in our webshop. Have you ever tried our chocolate, maple or honey Stroopwafels? A surprising variation of the tastiest cookie from the Netherlands. You can also go to the Daelmans webshop for gluten-free Stroopwafels. This way everyone can enjoy this unique cookie!

Warm it up on top of your cup!

A Daelmans Stroopwafel is a delicious treat. But have you ever tried to heat up the Stroopwafel on top of your cup of coffee or tea? This tradition makes the butter syrup filling between the waffles melt a little. We don’t have to explain what happens when you take a bite! Discover your favorite Stroopwafel in our webshop.

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